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A cornerstone of our process is a comprehensive understanding of both clients and candidates. Approaching the executive search process with full visibility ensures we can assemble teams that will not only elevate our clients’ business, but will advance their corporate culture.

Finding Your Perfect Match

To understand a candidate’s true potential for a role, we apply a thorough evaluation process, spending the time required to identify the most important indicators of success in a leadership role. Our evaluation process focuses on 5 core elements: Culture, Impact, Experience, Key Competencies, and Prescriptive Referencing.

Our Methodology
Cultural Fit
At the heart of our process is the alignment between the candidate and our clients' culture. We delve into attributes that best predict a long-term fit - Leadership Style, Motivation, Communication, Personality and Collaboration.
Value & Impact
We believe in focusing on the value and impact our candidates will drive for your business. We dig deep to unearth where the rubber meets the road. Individuals must have a proven track record of strategic thinking and drive impactful results that create meaningful change.
Career, education and life experiences are what make our candidates who they are today. Our team dives into each of these categories to fully understand how our candidates align with the immediate and long-term needs of our clients.
Key Competencies
We collaborate with each client to define a short list of desired key attributes that is deemed essential to a candidate's success. This serves as the template for both our internal process and for client interviews to ensure we are all speaking the same language.
Prescriptive Referencing
A different approach to references - During our evaluation process, we take note of key current and past colleagues (supervisory, peer and team members). In the reference phase of an engagement, we ask to speak specifically with these individuals in hopes to hear more impactful and honest feedback.
Areas of Expertise
CIO, CTO, Chief Security Officer
Chief Digital Officer, Digital Marketing Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Product Officer, Head of Omni-Channel / Ecommerce
Chief Data Officer, Chief Analytics Officer, Chief Data Scientist, Head of Data Management
Corporate Leadership
CEO, President, COO, CFO, CHRO, Chief Marketing Officer, Head of Communications, Head of Investor Relations

We have an important role to play in helping our clients build diverse leadership teams. Baker Montgomery has a strong track record in diversity search assignments and embraces the global reality of diversity and inclusion.

Our Services
Executive Search
A modern take on traditional senior-level recruiting and client partnering.
Talent Advisory
Recruiting process, benchmarking, and succesion planning.
Leadership Coaching
Acting as a catalyst for ongoing success in all phases of a career journey.
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